Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa

A little town situated 20 kilometres to the east of Fort Beaufort, Alice grew around a military encampment known as Fort Hare. It became well known as a missionary centre, with Presbyterian missionaries founding a famous educational centre known as Lovedale.

This small, rather unprepossessing little town has one big claim to fame. It is the site of the University of Fort Hare, the alma mater of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and many other leading political leaders in the liberation movement and, subsequently, the government.

Although it is a place with a fascinating history, you will get very little out of it if they do not have a knowledgeable guide. The University of Fort Hare was established to cater for the needs of black graduates from Lovedale and other schools. It is the repository of the archives of the African National Congress and houses one of the most significant collections of African Art on the continent.