Port St Johns, Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Port St Johns is a town on the coast in South Africa, reknowned as the jewel of the Wild Coast. The Wild Coast got its name, because of its ship crushing waves. Today, the Wild Coast is still untouched by modern civilisation, providing wonderful experiences and adventures.

Visitors can also get the most amazing cultural insight too. The traditional and modern ways of Xhosa culture, can be seen. Visitors can see a local sangoma (traditional healer) or listen to some of the local music of South Africa.

Port St Johns lost a lot of its lustre during the Bantustan days when it was part of the nominally independent Transkei and the hordes of affluent holidaymakers, who had previously flocked here, went elsewhere. 

Slowly, the area is regaining its reputation as a premier beach holiday spot. At present, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Comfortable resorts contrast with the bustling, busy African town which gives a good insight into the way people really live.

Walking trails lead one into the forests. Being on the coast, the sea is always close, lapping onto the secluded beaches. It doesn't matter if you want to tan in the sun or partake in an adventure trail, Port St Johns offers it all with the plus of comfortable accommodation.

Port St Johns is about 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Umtata on a reasonable tarred road. The nearest airport is at Umtata, with flights only to and from Johannesburg.